Friday, July 17, 2015



I am  honored to have been  asked to teach a class at the 


Demman Island, British Columbia, Canada.

My sister, Bonnie Adams, is a resident on Denman Island and through her I was offered this great opportunity!  Bonnie has embraced my "Soft Pottery" sewing technique and has been successful in selling her own version of pots.  Bonnie likes to embellish her beautiful works of art with some of the great "finds" that Denman Island has to offer such as driftwood, shells, sea glass and other exciting bits the beach has to offer.

Bonnie and I will be teaching the class together.  I'll be doing most of the instruction and Bonnie will be offering encouragement and support along with helping students solve sewing issues. 

If you would be interested in joining our class on Sunday October 25th, please go to:   Denman Island Creative Threads Conspiracy .

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Three Piece Pot with Lid
When I saw this fabric I thought WOW!  It has a pattern that gradates and has a gold metallic overprint.  Two of my favorite fabric elements!  I knew this would be a winner!  The colors were actually in shades that ran the length of the fabric, so that's how I cut my strips.  I wanted that gradation of colors in my pot, not just a mix of all the colors.

For the bottom element I started with a 4" base coil.  Then I stitched until the side measured a 4.75".  For the top element, I started with a 2" starter coil.
Now for the tricky part:  When you start the top element you have to think ahead and decide which color should end up at the top of the pot.  You have to work backwards with your colors.  If you look at the picture, I finished sewing the bottom element with the green shade.  So I wanted the top element to end with the green!  This isn't that hard but you do have to plan ahead!  I held my work in  the 10:30 position and sewed until the diameters of the bottom and top elements were the same.

After I completed the top element, I used that same 2" starter coil to sew a 5-round neck for the pot.  I made the neck starting with the same shade that I started the top element with.  Next is the lid which is made with the next shade in the gradation.  I finished the lid off with a gold bead.
(This is a repost.)

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Quilting Arts February/March Issue

After appearing on Quilting Arts TV, Vivika DeNegre, the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, asked me if I'd like to write a brief article on dye painting with

   Check it out:

My Article
My Article Second Page

Pokey Bolton and Me!
                                                        Quilting Arts TV - 1300 Series

1309: Individual Approaches to Quilting
Diane Rusin Doran creates a cell phone carrier with style • Barbara Warholic shows a specialized dye painting technique • Catherine Redford demonstrates making a yo-yo embellished pillow.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Little Yellow House

Quilting Arts TV

Last September I had the great opportunity to tape a segment for Quilting Arts TV - 1300 Series.  I did a nine minute tutorial on Dye Painted Art Quilts with Rit Liquid Dye. 

Quilting Arts TV is produced in Solon, Ohio at KS Productions. I just happened to be at our house in Brunswick which is only 30 miles away.  This made for an easy trip for me as some of the other artists  taping that day were from as far away as southern California.

I had the pleasure of meeting several people from Interweave including Vivika DeNegre, the editor of Quilting Arts Magazine, and, of course, Pokey Bolton, the star of Quilting Arts TV.  They both made the experience very easy and laid back.  I also met several other quilt artists that I'd seen on Quilting Arts TV and Quilting Arts Magazine including Diane Duran, Laurie Ceesay, Sara Hochouser, and Carolyn Friedlander who is a young, up-and-coming quilter and fabric designer. I also met Candy Glendening who was there to tape a DVD on dyeing.

My segment actually had two parts: Dye Painting with Easy To Use Dyes (I was not allowed to say "RIT"), and Dye Painting with a Glue Resist (I wasn't allowed to say "Elmer's School Glue Gel" either).   Both are pictured above. My segment is #1309 which will air on or about April 1, 2014  on PBS.  Check your local PBS listings.  Stay tuned!!

Where Quilting Arts TV is taped

Pokey Bolton
Make-up Artist and Me (made up!)

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Saturday March 23
Festival of Alabama Fiber Arts
Montgomery, AL. 

The festival will be held in downtown Montgomery
at Old  Alabama Town. I will be demonstrating my sewing technique and I'll also have my book
Sewing |Pottery by Machine
and art pieces available.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

More 3/4"-wide fabric strip ideas!


Use your leftover 3/4"-wide fabric strips

If you're like me, you save all of your extra 3/4"-wide fabrics strips left over from your Soft Pottery coiling projects. This is a fun way to use up some of those strips!  I've made this cute MUG RUG.  Use this technique to make ornaments, coasters, table runners, ...the possibilities are endless!

Here's the tute:

    1.  Cut a square of quilt batting or stabilizer.  Sew  a strip to the batting using a 1/8" seam allowance. 
         2.  Sew the next strip to the first strip, right sides together.  Finger press the second strip to the right side.  Add the next strip.
          3.  Continue adding strips until your  batting is covered.
        4.  Place a square of backing fabric under your square of strips.  Use a CD as a pattern to draw a circle onto your strips. 
     5.  Stitch on the line.  Cut out the circle  1/8"  outside the stitching.  Finish the edge with a satin stitch or a finishing technique of your choice.

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dye-licious Mini Quilt

I was experimenting with my Rit dye and came up with this fun technique.  I did a low-water immersion technique using Scarlet and Apple green.  After my fabric had dried, I used a cookie cutter dipped in bleach to make the leaf motifs.  Next I quilted around the shapes, added more stitching with copper metallic thread and finished the edges with the metallic thread.  I'm making 3 of these and adding grommets so I can  hang them horizontally as a wall hanging.   Each mini is approximately 71/2" x 10".                        

Thursday, November 1, 2012

New Student of Soft Pottery

I love to post pictures of pieces of art that my readers have made.  If you've made something, send me a picture and I'll share it! 
I received a very nice email from Annie Viktora and she included pictures of her fine work. 
Great job Annie!!
Annie's first "pot"
Note the way Annie has used yarn, copper  wire, and beads to embellish her pieces!